Family Reunion Invitation/Letter

    Dear Family,

            We the Goss/Hyman family would like to extend and invitation to all of our family members far and near to reconnect our family circle with a family reunion. The Goss/Hyman family is the family of Jesse& Mary Magdaline (Hyman) Goss. The family reunion will take place on August 12-14, 2011 in the Pee Dee Community Hemingway SC, the homeland of where our family roots got started. This will be a kickoff reunion to get the ball rolling again due to we haven’t had a family reunion in the last ten years. We would like everyone to make plans to attend to help make this reunion a memorable event. Our goal is to make this a family event that takes place every two years going forward.

The family reunion will be a great time for us to come together to express our love and gratitude towards each other, which will consist of food, fun, games and story telling etc.  The theme of our Family Reunion will be “Reconnecting our Family Circle”.  Please consider our letter/invitation to make plans to attend our Goss/Hyman Family Reunion August 12-14 2011.

 In order to make this event happen we are asking all family members to register your family by April 1, 2011 no later than May 31, 2011 which will be the deadline for registration.   There will be registration fee of $50.00 per family monies will be collected in the form of cash/money orders.  Family members who live in the Pee Dee Community can forward your registration fees to the names listed at the end of the letter.  Family members out of town can mail your registration fee to the listed address at the end of the letter.  There will be T-shirts available upon your request of order (separate from registration fee), all sizes in color $10.00 per shirts. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming family reunion; so please everyone make plans to attend.

Take Care and Be Bless

Love Always,

The Goss/Hyman Family

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