Invitation Letter Sample

This letter should be submitted when you are inviting some one to visit you from another country.

With this letter the person applying for a visitor visa must provide the visa application form, fees, and all the necessary documents such as passport, birth certificates, bank balances etc.

Telephone No.
Mobile phone
Date: 00/00/0000

.................Consulate General
(Address of the Embassy)

Dear Honorable Consul:

I am (Full name) _______, who is living at _____________________________.
I am a citizen/PR holder of -----------------------------
here by I am requesting you to issue a tourist/visitor visa to ___________, in order to allow her/him to visit me here in the --------
He/She is my -------------------------------------
He/She will be visiting me from ______ to ______. for ----------- (Reason for the visit).
During her/his stay in the --------, she/he will stay with me at my home/apt. at the address stated above. I will be
responsible for all of her/his food and lodging expenses while she/he is in the ------------.
Upon the termination of her/his visit, she/he will return to _________.
Mr/Miss/Mrs _______ is presenting this letter to you, along with the other relevant documents to establish her/his close ties to her/his country,
Here by I promise to you that person is coming with a return ticket and a valid medical insurance and she/he will return to his/her country prior to the expiration of his/her visa
Your kind consideration to this request will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much,
Very truly yours,


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